Systems Development

At Compliance OH&S, we specialise in systems development, ensuring your company have effective processes in place to manage WHS, Quality and Environmental risks that your business can be exposed to. Having tailored systems implemented within your company will assist in meeting your legislative responsibilities and will continually improve your business outcomes and performance.

Compliance OH&S can provide the following system development services:   

WHS Management System Development

Compliance OH&S will work with you to understand your business processes, scope of works, pre-existing policies and procedures. The provision of a tailored and company specific WHS Management System will occur after both the client and Compliance OH&S have had discussions and review meetings ensuring it is suitable and accurate for the client and their industry. Our WHS Management System implementation guide will provide you with information on how to implement the system, the opportunity to achieve or enhance your WHS performance; assisting in achieving a positive safety culture and simply, work safer. All WHS Management Systems will be developed in accordance with current WHS legislation and the ISO 45001 standard.

Environmental Management System Development

Compliance OH&S will create Environmental Management System to assist businesses in managing their environmental obligations against Australian Standards and legislative requirements. The Environmental Management System will be developed in accordance with ISO 14001 ensuring its compliance to international standards. The process includes understanding your current businesses procedures, including those that may result in adverse environmental impacts. Compliance OH&S will then develop procedures to successfully manage these impacts.

Quality Management System Development

Compliance OH&S will develop Quality Management Systems to assist businesses in ensuring they have suitable processes in place to provide consistent products and services that meet their customer’s needs and expectations. This system is tailored specifically to each business detailing their processes and procedures across the entire product/service life cycle. Compliance OH&S is committed to ensuring Quality Management Systems provided their clients comply with the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems.

Integrated Management System Development

To ensure streamlined and effective systems are developed and implemented within a business, Compliance OH&S, where requested, can develop Integrated Management Systems for their clients. Compliance OH&S’ extensive expertise in developing Integrated Systems guarantees that WHS, Quality and Environmental procedures are not just an “add on” feature but are imbedded into the company’s overall business operations.

Compliance OH&S will ensure the Integrated Management Systems developed for their clients incorporate all WHS, Quality and Environmental aspects, processes and procedures, that still meet the required ISO standards and legislative requirements.

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