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Compliance OH&S are a Sydney based company that provides Work Health and Safety services to Australian businesses and government organisations. For over 15 years, our clients have had the opportunity to operate in the safest way possible and comply with the legislative requirements in the ever-changing WH&S landscape.

By servicing companies and government organisations across Australia, we have had the pleasure of working with clients from the East Coast of Australia right through to the West Coast in WA and also in NZ. Legislative expertise across the nation has been achieved due to the range of locations in which we operate in, which provides us and our clients confidence in the work we produce.

Our experienced consultants have a range of specialties and industry specific backgrounds to assist in ensuring you are provided with the right health and safety support, specific to your business.

What Makes Us Different?

Over 15 years of experience across all industries.

Safety documentation and training tailored to your business and risks. You won’t get an “off the shelf” product.

Highly experienced consultants with formal qualifications in WHS and Quality Auditing.

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