Compliance OH&S is a Sydney based company servicing businesses across Australia.
Our team of specialist Safety Consultants can provide expert advice in a number of areas including, but not limited to, WHS Management System Development, Development of Site Safety Management Plans, Developing Safe Work Method Statements, WH&S Training Programs, Risk Assessments and Auditing.
Our aim is to develop an ongoing relationship with businesses, with a tailored service based on their individual safety needs.
WHS Management System Development

Compliance OH&S can assist businesses with developing a WHS Management System tailored to the company business operations and compliant with ISO 45001.

Site Safety Management Plan Development


The WHS legislation states that site safety management plans are required for all construction projects over $250,000 (may differ between states) where the company is a principal contractor or where it is requested by the contractor.

Compliance OH&S can develop the site safety management plans for the specific projects to ensure compliance with WHS legislation.

Workers Compensation Management


Compliance OH&S can assist companies with any work-related injuries or illnesses compensation claims to ensure injured workers get prompt care and return to work in a safe and timely manner.

We will liaise with the injured worker, insurer, nominated treating doctor and any other parties involved.

Systems Auditing


Compliance OH&S offers auditing of current WHS systems to identify any gaps, opportunities for improvement and non-conformances. We can do this to ensure compliance of systems to AS4801 and ISO45001.

Furthermore, audits can be done on projects to ensure compliance with the site safety management plan.

Critical Incident Debriefing


Serious incidents can cause significant stress to a company’s workers and others at the workplace.

To assist in managing serious incidents, Compliance OH&S have highly experienced psychologists who can provide incident debriefing and counselling.

Asbestos Management


Compliance OH&S can assist companies who work with Asbestos to develop an Asbestos Management Plan, Asbestos Register and comply with all requirements as per the WHS legislation.

Quality Management System Development


Compliance OH&S can develop a Quality Management System tailored to the company business operations and compliant with ISO 9001.

Environmental Management System Development

Compliance OH&S can develop an Environmental Management System tailored to the company business operations and compliant with ISO 14001.

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Development

The WHS legislation and Construction code of practices have a requirement for SWMS to be developed for any high-risk construction work activity and for any energised electrical work.

Compliance OH&S will develop and consult together with clients to develop the SWMS to ensure all job steps, hazards, risks and controls of the job task are noted.

WHS Training


Compliance OH&S conduct training for WHS needs. This includes Inductions and awareness training for all safety matters in your workplace including Hazardous manual tasks (Manual Handling), Height Safety Training etc.

Ergonomic Assessments


Compliance OH&S can review each workplace and determine how the environment can be best modified to suit each individual. Compliance OH&S have completed thousands of workstation reviews from office environments to manufacturing processes.

Working from Home Arrangements


Compliance OH&S can review working at home arrangements by completing a Working at Home Risk Assessment (via online meeting or home visit) to determine how the environment can be best modified to suit each individual and what supplies will be required to ensure healthy and safe practices at home.

Site Safety Inspections


Compliance OH&S can conduct site safety inspections for all workplaces to help identify any hazards and risks present at the workplace. A detailed report will be provided for the client stipulating the identified hazards and any recommendations as controls.

Drug and Alcohol Testing


Compliance OH&S have a suitably qualified Workplace Drug and Alcohol Tester who can administer alcohol testing and saliva drug testing.

Drug and Alcohol testing can help companies improve the safety of their workers and safeguard their business.

COVID-19 Site Specific Risk Assessments


We can complete:

  • COVID-19-specific site risk assessment to review exposure and infection control policies and procedures and site arrangements at workplaces outlining best practice recommendations to improve policies and procedures

  • Develop company or project specific COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plans;

  • Updating current company SWMS or Safe Work Procedures to include COVID-19 control measures;

  • Providing COVID-19 training material and presentations to further educate workers.

NSW Government WHS Management System Guidelines Certification


Compliance OH&S can assist companies in gaining certification of their WHS Management System with the NSW Government WHS Management System Guidelines.

Traffic Control Plans and Auditing


Compliance OH&S have suitably licensed workers who are trained in developing and auditing traffic control plans.

Compliance OH&S can come to your site and complete a risk assessment to determine the traffic control requirements, then a plan can be developed to meet both RMS and Council requirements.

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