Boost Worker's Energy & Mental Health at Work

Nutrition and ageing experts have found that a 2.5 day "immersive intervention" increased worker's daily energy levels, and improved their sleep quality, mental health and social functioning.

But contrary to expectations, the program did not lead to significant changes in workers' weight or physical activity levels, they say.

The researchers from Tufts University in the US say this indicates mental wellbeing can be improved without changes in physical health. However, a psychical activity program should ideally be combined with this type of intervention, they say.

The researchers conducted the 2.5 day intensive energy-management intervention for 240 workers at eight worksites that included universities, for-profit companies and a not-for-profit organisation, to evaluate its effect on employee quality of life and health-related behaviours.

From six-month follow-up data, they found that compared to a control group of four organisations, workers who participated in the intervention showed significantly larger changes in most quality of life measures, except for weight, diet, physical activity or cardiometabolic risk factors.

Follow the link provided to find out what was involved in the short-program.

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