New on-the-spot fines introduced in NSW

The NSW Government has made new WHS penalty notice offences through the WHS Amendment (Penalty Notices) Regulation 2017 which affects every business in NSW.

Amendments to the WHS Regulation 2017 has been made to penalty notices that attract on-the-spot fines of $720 in the case of an individual and $3,600 in the case of a corporation.

Offences for which a penalty notice may be issued relates to the management of risk of falls and fall-related emergency procedures.

Furthermore, they are issued for offences relating to carrying out work (or directing or allowing a worker to carry out work) when it is not authorised in accordance with the regulations under the WHS Act 2011, such as carrying out high-risk work without a licence.

The new penalty notice offences commence on 1 November 2017.

More severe court sanctions of up to $100,000 for s43 breaches and $30,000 for fall-management breaches will continue to apply.

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