Tips on Preventing Workplace Psychological Injuries

Workers’ psychological health can be adversely affected by exposure to psychological hazards in the workplace such as a poorly designed or managed environment.

It is important workplace address these psychological hazards as well as physical hazards in order to provide a holistic approach to the health and safety of their workers.

Claire Ebstein gives five tips on how employers can help prevent psychological injuries occurring:

  1. Employ an integrated approach to injury prevention

Relevant parties including HR, WHS and return-to-work departments need to come together. Creating an awareness of all the issues in the workplace both from a physical and psychological point a view.

2. Find ways to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness

Workshops where all levels of workers share their experiences with mental health issues show different people within the organisation that it is okay to speak about those issues.

3. Act on information from workers

Its important for the organisation to have genuine commitment to addressing issues raised by workers; and to provide the necessary support to their workers.

4. Provide job clarity

It’s important to provide your workers with clear job roles and monitor workload and work hours.

5. Formalise A workplace policy and procedure for bullying and discrimination

There needs to be a zero-tolerance approaches to these issues in the workplace.

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