Safety Alert: Machinery Guarding

Following the death of a worker in February 2016, Employers are reminded to ensure all machine guarding is of solid constructions and securely mounted to the plant.

In early February 2016, a Queensland worker received fatal injuries while operating an angle grinder. The worker was killed when part of a broken disc struck his chest.

The major contributing factor to this case and many others like it; was that the guard had been removed from the grinder. The grinder was then fitted with a cutting disc that was too large.

Guards should always be provided and used on all equipment where there is a risk of the disc ejecting, disintegrating or cutting the worker.

All Guards must be of a solid construction and securely mounted to the piece of equipment. If you ever remove the guarding for maintenance or cleaning, you must take steps to ensure that the equipment is not used until the guarding is replaced.

For Further Information regarding guarding of equipment and how to manage the risk of plant and equipment in the workplace contact Compliance OH&S today.

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