Acknowledging the Adult Learner

Adult learning is an evolving process of knowledge growth, an essential element in the success of any organisation’s workforce.

Adult learners should be encouraged to take self-direction for their learning and be responsible for sourcing out the needs for their own training and development.

Adult learners should question the meaning and intention of the learning experience to ensure they value the learning and transfer the knowledge and skills obtained into their working environment.

Workplace trainers need to create a safe learning environment for the learner and understand how adults learn. Trainers should aim to incorporate these learning values to validate the experience of adult learners.

Key adult learning considerations to be considering in workplace training sessions include:

  • Emphasise active learning,

  • Provide constructive feedback,

  • Incorporate meaningful information,

  • Include effective sensory aids,

  • Vivid Imagery,

  • Group activities,

  • Work based observations,

  • Encourage critical reflection.

In addition to these key elements, encouraging adult learners to share their past personal experience and apply them to the training whist undertaking real life tasks will aid in overcoming the learners potential lack of understanding of why they need to be taught and take ownership of the learning experience.

The most effective workplace trainers will acknowledge the adult learner and ensure all workplace-training sessions are developed and conducted in line with the adult learning principles.

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