Simple Steps to prevent end of year function disasters

With the end of the work year and its associated events fast approaching, employers should be mindful of the simple steps they can take to ensure celebrations are both fun and safe for all their workers.

Employers should consider the following simple tips prior to any planned Christmas function:

  • Review the company harassment, bulling and alcohol policies and ensure all workers are aware and trained in the content

  • Remind all workers of appropriate workplace behaviour and the consequences for not following workplace policies and procedures

  • If a themed event is planned, ensure that a dress code is set

  • Check the party venue for possible hazards

  • Appoint a manager to supervise the function and alcohol consumption

  • Ensure the event has a clear start and finish time

  • Ensure access to alcohol is served via trained wait staff

  • Serve plenty of substantial food and non alcoholic drinks

  • Ensure workers have safe transportation home; either through taxis, shuttle bus or other means, and remind them not to drive if they plan on drinking

  • Deal with any complaints promptly and inline with company policies

Always remember to plan and monitor you event properly, to ensure all members of the company enjoy the Christmas festivities in a safe way.

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